So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

I am now writing over at The Granny Square instead of here.


Good Evening, Mrs Craven

This Saturday I had a crafting day and spent my time making some of the free gifts from Mollie Makes. It was fun and easy, just what I needed. It is always good to be able to say you have finished three projects in one day!


I made the Jane Foster dog, the fish keyring, which I started when I got the magazine and never finished, and finally a cross stitch rose with ribbon and lace. I also found time to start knitting a jumper!

Dog Stars

I have made myself another skirt. I used the same pattern as for my corduroy one, but this time I made it from some navy blue cotton with a tiny star pattern.


I am hoping to get lots of wear out of this skirt as I love it!



I have been thinking about the winter and the warm clothes I might need, unhelpfully this has led me to the conclusion that I no longer like any of my clothes!

I have been working on a solution starting by making myself a corduroy skirt. I used a lovely piece of navy blue corduroy fabric that I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago. I am very pleased with my new skirt and look forward to wearing it lots this winter.


The Blue Castle

I have been crafting lately, but I have been doing more on larger projects rather than completing anything that I can share with you. At the moment I am really enjoying knitting a simple moss stitch scarf.


I am using Drops Fabel which is a 4 ply yarn so it is taking a while to knit. I really like the effect of the self patterning yarn in moss stitch. I am making this scarf as a present and think I will make myself one for the winter to match my new winter coat, when I have found one I like!

Of Mice and Men

This week I went to a very interesting workshop at Berylune run by Fiona Murray. Fiona is a very talented photographer and she was showing us how to style our craft products for photographs to use online for things like Etsy.

I was trying some shots of little mice I have been making. I was very pleased with the results.


The next day I tried some pictures with a little crochet fish I made recently.


I am really pleased I had a chance to get to spend time learning from Fiona. I am going to be spending more time on my pictures so they do my items justice.

The Light Fantastic

I made a gnome! He is Gneville from issue 8 of Simply Crochet.


I was pleased to find that I was able to follow the pattern and get the techniques right. Attending the octopus amigurumi workshop at Berylune really helped as I wouldn’t have considered trying something like this before. I was so pleased with my gnome that I made him a friend, Gnorman.


Theses gnomes are made from Drops Paris cotton which I really enjoyed using. I have quite a bit of the cotton left so I will find another amigurumi project to try.


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